Scozey® Mobile App FAQ section!

Communications & Inspiring the Education through Technology

These questions are made available to help /guide through some of the most common questions that are asked frequently by the users. This is a secured APP works as an output of the ERP and communication tool. If you are not able to clarify your doubts then kindly write to us at "” with your mobile number. (Please note: This Apps are available for schools that are having Scozey ERP application with parent communication portal as well.)

The Scozey® App can be downloaded from App store and Google Play Store. Once you initiate the app on your smart device then enter the School URL without WWW, same as used for parent portal, then click on verify button, log in using the same User name and password that you normally use to access online Parent Portal.

The user name will be considered as your school ID and the password you can take from the school administration. Mobile apps would not be logged out till the time you log out manually.

The main Key Features of Scozey® Mobile App is given:

  • Available for Android.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • One time login and access till the time you log out.
  • Daily classwork, assignments, circular, timetable, syllabus, homework etc. accessibility on fingertips.
  • School Holiday Calender.
  • Inbuilt Encyclopedia and Important Tips.
  • Daily attendance report, notices, test results, transport facility, documents uploadation and many more.
  • Unique connection oriented interface. Eg: user can switch application to the compatible network i.e. 2G or 3G/4G/Wi-Fi.
  • Hassle free Online fee payment system.
  • Fee receipt generation at any time.
  • Regular Notifications.
  • Regular updates are available.
  • Application supports more than 5 major Indian languages.
  • Access to library, exams /report cards and events.
  • School to parent communication made easy and the relation strengthened.
  • Our apps have proven to save schools time and money.
  • This improve the communication and inspire the children education in turn every PTMs will be a smiling session for parents, teachers and for students.
  • This APP brings parents, teachers, educators and students to single platform and inspires success of the school.

Scozey® Mobile App is available for Android. We do not guarantee that all phones of Android are supported; however 99.9 % of phones are supported. Please ensure the operating system is updated before installing the Mobile APP.

1. Click on Online Payment menu provided in the Parent Portal.

2. Choose Installment to pay and proceed.

3. Verify your details and click on Pay button to proceed.

4. Choose the “Pay mode” (Credit/Debit Card, Net banking, Wallets, EMI’s, Cash Card, UPI etc.) and fill the details and Click on Pay Now button.

5. You will get the Receipt copy once payment made successful.

Not - the Scozey® Mobile App uses web based data which means that if you aren’t connected to the internet you won’t be able to access your information through the app. If you are using the Scozey® Mobile App while connected to your 3G or other network you may be charged, depending on your mobile data plan.

Thank you for concern. We would like to inform you the App can only be accessed from a mobile device (Android Phones).However if you want to access details on your PC you can directly login to the specific URL with user Id and password. That has more features than mobile APPS.

No, once logged in will remain login in till the time you sign out.

The Scozey® mobile app does not require specialized training to use. This app contains all Information which is used under online parent portal. Within the mobile app, users can view their ward Assessment, Attendance and other many more details and easily make a fee payment. However you may take a help of some one more familiar with regular mobile APPS before start sign in.

No, you cannot directly change contact information in the mobile app. You can send a message to school through the mobile app by selecting “Message In-box Option”, your school will update your profile.

Open App, tap on Left-Top Menu Bar Icon, then click on Power Icon (Log out button).

Yes you can pay the fee by using app, function are same as used in parent portal and you can also view the paid, Dues details and fee summary.

You may directly contact to your ward school for any suggestion and feedback or you can also send an email on we welcome your feedback as this will help us make the app more useful.

Write to us at ‘’ or dial +91-9997895895 for parent help desk.

Tap on Right-top Menu Icon, then tap on language button and select desired language.